Here is what a few clients had to say about Robyn Searle.

Corporate Coaching

My name is Bruce Hunter

I would like to share with you a personal story of how a series of coaching sessions with Robyn, managed to dramatically change my life for the better.
I hold a position as a manager within a large company, a position I have held for the past six years. I found I was in a job that no longer gave me satisfaction, a job that I didn't really like. I was showing up at work each day but I was flat uninspired and frankly just going through the motions, almost mechanically. I was not being true to the company that was employing me and certainly was not being true to myself. I was unhappy and feeling resentful of the situation I had put myself in having lost the ability to set goals for myself, and did not feel inspired with what lay ahead for me.

I was lucky enough to be put in contact with Robyn back in the first quarter of 2007. Robyn conducted 12 coaching sessions with me over the following six months. Prior to meeting Robyn my life had stagnated and I was definitely in a rut, I had absolutely no idea on what I wanted to do with my life, going forward. As I went through each coaching session with Robyn I noticed a change in myself, I felt as if a cloud had lifted and I could, once again, see the clear light of day. I have now changed my job, still with the same company but in a completely different role.
It is amazing the change I have undergone I once again feel passionate about my job and enjoy coming to work. I feel I can now focus on the more relevant and important issues in my life. I feel inspired and can once again set goals for myself.
I'm confident that the transformation I have under gone will benefit me for many years to come and help me realise and reach my full potential.
I know for a fact that if I had not come in contact with Robyn I would still be in that rut I had managed to find myself in.
I will always be great full to Robyn for showing me how to open up my mind up to understand that things are not always what they seem and the possibilities are endless and only limited by the constrains we put on our selves.

Bruce Hunter
Training Manager (South East Queensland)
Origin Energy

The one special thing we all have in this world which isn’t discriminated by race, colour, religion, disability or wealth is the ability of Thought.
Imagine the feeling of empowerment you could sense being totally focused on what it is you’re passionate about. Having the drive and confidence required to move forward with ideas. How about having Visionary thoughts and putting them into action and actually seeing it all come to fruition.
Through thinking positively, and most importantly having the ability of believing in yourself, your there! You see, Thought is what you what it to be, after all, your thinking it right………
The time spent with Robyn is thought provoking, challenging at times but always very refreshing. I would highly recommend the services of Robyn to anyone.
Thanks Robyn, loved every minute of it……….

Grant O’Neill
Origin Energy

Robyn is a dedicated and passionate coach. She is totally committed to her clients realising their full potential, achieving peak performance, breaking through major challenges, and attaining personal fulfilment. She has worked with the managers and team members of several of our retail clients and they have been very happy with her services.

Lyall Jones
Managing Director
Australia Wide Coaching & Training

Life Coaching

Despite having different goals at the outset of coaching, I have somehow now come across exactly the path I want to be on. Coaching has allowed me to put into words what I thought I wanted, and over the course of the sessions what I actually wanted somehow managed to jump out at me. I am better equipped to deal with what life throws at me. Thank you!

Registered Nurse

Purpose Coaching

Before I met Robyn, life was ok. Each morning, I’d roll out of my expensive, double coil sleep maker bed, go to my well paid job, go home to my perfect boyfriend & spend time with my many wonderful friends. But at night, once the clutter of the day stopped spinning in my mind, I’d sit propped up in my bed (that, by the way supposedly guaranteed a great night’s sleep), eyes wide open & wondering why I wasn’t happy. Robyn’s Purpose Coaching helped me to see past all the things I thought I should want, to see the things I do want. I finally know what that niggling voice in the back of my mind was trying to tell me for all those years, and I am making changes that once seemed so scary. Life is as it should be :)

Writer & Journalist

I initially undertook Purpose Coaching with Robyn in the hope that I would gain some career direction. By the end of my course, I had gained much more than just that. With Robyn’s help and lots of ‘homework’ I was able to not only decide on the career I wanted and implement steps in helping me achieve this, but the process itself had also helped me improve my self-esteem and my general outlook on life became more positive.

I found Robyn to be a truly lovely person, who was very easy to talk with and also very professional. I recommend Purpose Coaching to anyone out there who doesn’t know exactly what they want to do it life and would like a little guidance in helping themselves get there.

From Enrolment Officer to Event Manager


Robyn used her insightful knowledge to conduct a Law of Attraction Workshop for a group of our members. It was just fabulous; thought provoking, practical and everyone finished with a deeper understanding of what they need to do to get what they want from life. Robyn has a very friendly and pleasant way of conducting the workshops and we look forward to having more with Robyn at the helm.

Katy Bishop
Vibrance Pty Ltd

Strategic Visioning

Robyn facilitated a visioning session for me with an enormous amount of passion and enthusiasm. Her focus encouraged me to go as far as I could within the session and the end result was really profound for me. Robyn has a non-judgemental, empowering approach and she uses a variety of techniques to draw out insights that helped me see what I really love and what my next big step is. The process was uncomplicated and enjoyable, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is wishing to live and work according to their truth.

Sally Martin
Naturopath & Yoga Siromani

Robyn Searle