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Another vital layer of your corporate tools is business coaching where analysis of your business culture, financials and structure is performed and recommendations are made using an advanced and revolutionary method using one of Robyn Searle’s alliance partners, Tim Laporte.

Tim Laporte - Speaker - Consultant

Specialties: Conscious Business – Whirlwind of potential

Combining an innate ability with learned experience, Tim has built competencies that have inspired and developed the people and businesses he has managed; supporting them in achieving their full potential.


Tim has an extensive background in business strategy, process re-engineering and fast-growth within a variety of industries, including hospitality, consulting, services, manufacturing and logistics. He earned a BA in business from IPSA School in Paris and is completing an MBA (to be completed in 2007) from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) in Sydney.

Beginning his career in hospitality; working in the largest hotel/conference centre in Europe; Tim managed contracts up to $1M. His consulting specialty was responding to complex tenders, where he was instrumental in the winning over of $20M of business for his clients (P&O Services, Spotless). 

Managing the Housekeeping team at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Tim delivered the best Housekeeping Service recorded at an Olympic Games, making 24,000 beds a day and increasing profit by 75%. He then moved to a manufacturing and design company that he led to a 330% growth in two years with double digit EBIT. Tim has since worked in logistics, integrating five acquisitions into a national supply chain company.

Tim is Founder of ‘Renovatio – Collective’, a collective of people wanting to better the world for all through business. He lives the ideals of principle centered leadership, where integrity, ethics and honesty are led from the top and people are developed, encouraged and respected within a clearly defined fair and equitable management practice.

Whirlwind of potential

Tim is passionate about all things related to the whirlwind of potential in each person; he has studied and has personal experience with psychotherapy, Freudian therapy, Vipassana meditation, personal growth courses (Carnegie, Leadership courses, etc.), New visionaries and spiritual traditions (Catholicism and Buddhism). 

When not attending to the ‘whirlwind of potential’ passion, he spends time attending to his own growth, potential and happiness, through meditation, reading, exercise, focusing on his romantic relationship, traveling, riding his Harley and laughing with friends over music, food and wine.

Business coaching

Interested in evolving your company's strategy, structure and business practices to become a ‘Whirlwind’ of potential within your industry? Following are key areas where Tim through business coaching can support you and your business.

  • Strategy formulation, get to the ‘essence’ of your business, creating a ‘whirlwind’ of passion with all. Share ‘your’ values.
  • Business planning, making it happen and measuring it each step of the way.
  • Cash is king.
  • How about getting married with IT and getting the returns on your investments. The power of web based platforms.
  • Change Management, it’s about your people and seeing them grow with your business. Get your structure right, get your people excited about systems and processes, get your people with the right skills, loving there jobs specification and performing beyond expectations.
  • Commercial truth, biding for business with a difference, where all parties win, and long term confidence is shared.
  • The power of sharing information. This makes a world of difference. Sharing information gives people a sense of ownership and the ability to go beyond what is expected from them.

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