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The Art of Being has been created to increase the effectiveness of a business through developing the relationship between your two most important assets — your employees and your client. Without either one of these, your business cannot be truly successful. Obvious statement? Then why do organisations traditionally spend more time and money on their product or their service, than on the gold — the employee/ client relations?

To determine whether this training would be useful for your organisation, simply ask yourself these following questions.

  • Have your employees been sent to a recent training with successful results, only to find they were not sustainable?
  • Do you find that the client in-flow goes up and down unpredictably even within general marketing trends?
  • Is your point of difference more obvious to you than your client?
  • Is your employee turnover more than you would desire?
  • Are you attracting employees who are more interesting in “getting a job” than being “of service” to your clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I strongly suggest this training will lift your team to achieve the success you have all been looking for.

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Robyn Searle