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The Purpose Plan is based on the premise that we are all designed to be here for a main purpose… to unveil our magnificence and thus our real potential.

Now, potential has been thrown around a bit in the last few decades, but now it has evolved and is expressed in a brand new way… beyond the old concept of “the human potential movement”.

In its brand new form it is living and breathing and it is within you ready to be expressed when you own it as you.

Realising our full potential, we will then likely express our purpose in difference ways. However when asked what your purpose in life is we are often left with the same feelings as when asked ‘what is the meaning of life’… other than 42!! It is a pretty big question to ask and an even bigger one to know the answer to.

The Purpose Plan is designed to not only answer what your purpose is in life but also to have you live your life on purpose every day knowing that you are utilising your potential to its fullest. The way in which this is achieved is via accessing your passions. If you are not clear on your passions, there is an easy and very effective method to re-emerge them and have them be crystal clear.

Often, clients are so moved that they want to live their entire life this way. Imagine doing what you are passionate about every day and even getting paid for it!! If you already do, imagine expanding it even more.

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Robyn Searle