Introduction to Visionary Leadership

Visionary Leadership is an entirely new and unique kind of leadership. It provides a creative and energising way to enable you to access your personal and collective potential to maximise contribution in community, business and Life. It has you operate in the world as who you really are…a source of greatness.

Want to come to an intro night to find out more?

Visionary leaders

  • Inspire and empower others to step more fully into their own passionate, creative leadership
  • Know how to recognise and stir new potential into play in abundant, leaderful, co-creative ways.

What will you be introduced to?

  • Introduction to Visionary Leadership
  • Opening up to creation
  • Discovering the true you
  • Accessing potential and vision
  • Orienting from problem to potential
  • Accessing greater perspective to liberate potential
  • Levels of potential
  • Discovering yourself as vision-holder and visionary

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is willing and has a knowing already that there is more for them and the world, beyond what they have experienced so far.
  • Anyone who wants an outlet for the creative leader within them
  • All those who want to become and live from who the really are… amazing being with contributions to make

What can you expect from being a Visionary Leader?

  • Be more creative and alive,
  • Enjoy your work more,
  • Be more productive,
  • Be a new kind of leader who inspires leaderfulness in others
  • Enable your unique contribution to be gifted to the world
  • Live a fulfilled life, true to yourself, while living your potential.

How will you achieve that?

By surrendering into the Power of Greatness coming through you and the work that that needs you to do.





Cost of the Intro:

 $10.00 paid on the night

To find out more detail about the two day Visionary Leadership course you can see it at Visionary Leadership


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