Problem to Potential.....Issue to Ignition

By Soleira Green

What if every problem is simply potential raising its hand to get your attention?

What if we’re really amazing beings with contribution to make as opposed to small people with problems to solve?

What we give energy to increases and how we choose to perceive ourselves powerfully creates that reality into existence. So if we choose to see someone as a small person with lots of unresolved issues and problems, then what we create is a small person who’s stuck. If we choose to see that person as holding the most amazing potential, then we unstick them immediately simply by the nature of our interaction with them.

Have you ever noticed how resolving that issue once, twice or even three times, doesn’t stop it from coming back? Now some might say that's proof that it's not resolved, but seen from an energetic perspective, it might actually have several alternative meanings:

1. The problem or issue might not be theirs in the first place. Perhaps they're empathic, picking up the energy of others' pain, not able to distinguish it from their own. You wouldn't believe how many people this is true for. I've worked with well over 3000 energetic sensitives over the past ten years, discovering in every case that they're amazing people with incredible abilities. Once they step beyond empathic frequency sensing, they can translate their empathic way of working into transformative abilities which include innate sensing, knowing and energetic frequency generation. It's simply a matter of training them to reorient to the vibrational frequency of potential.

2. The source of the issue/problem coming up hasn't been resolved on the level of potential, requiring that it resurface in order for the full potential to be achieved. If you’re always working on issue or problem, then you may be always missing the potential of it all. You have to look to see what opportunities and possibilities this scenario is offering and then dive in with great glee to see where to go with the potential on offer. In my experience, once you do this, the issue or problem ceases to exist once and for all.

3. Our cultural interpretation of emotion is such that it has us draw ourselves inward to process problems as opposed to allowing the energy full expression to translate into a higher frequency potential. What if anger is the tip of passion, fear the tip of leadership and frustration the indicator of the next step popping into play? All we have to do is be willing to let the energy flow graciously on through to discover its true nature and possibility.

In my view, issues aren't real … they’re culturally fabricated interpretations of a highly charged, energetic state. The more attention and energy we give to this energy as issue, the worse things get for the person involved. The more attention and energy we give to this energy as potential, the more empowered, liberated and fulfilled the person becomes.

'What?', you might say, 'Issues not real. How can that be?' Well someone some time in the last century made up the concept of human beings never getting beyond their childhood problems, never growing beyond being their mothers' daughters or their fathers' sons. Was it Freud or some other psychological guru who led us down this garden path? It doesn't matter to me where it came from, as I’m sure it served great purpose for people in the 20th century. After all, we have learned to be more emotionally responsible as a result of it. But it does matter to me where we go with it from here. It feels as if we’re now trapped in the psychological interpretation of ‘emotion as problem to be resolved’ as opposed to ‘potential to be celebrated and made real.’

Every human being is magnificent from the inside out, from birth until the day they die ... and beyond. If we will simply stop relating to ourselves as small children in adult bodies and start relating to ourselves as amazing beings with the most incredible gifts to offer, then we will have evolved a long way beyond the twentieth century interpretation of human potential.

Human beings hold the most extraordinary potential … way beyond how we have ever seen ourselves. I believe the pathway to this potential is to reorient to emotion as potential rising and issue as an indicator for an evolutionary shift, be that personal and/or collective.

I believe in the magnificence of us and I'm standing for a brand new way for us to relate to one another now. I'm living for, and co-creating with others, a world of potential, constantly refreshing itself into the next newest possibilities.

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Robyn Searle