Law of Attraction Explained and Debated

by Robyn Searle

Ever since the book and video "The Secret", was published, The Law of Attraction became a household name and most understand it's age old function and properties. However, like all things, it needed to evolve....and it did. The Law of Attraction applied when we were living in an individualistic world where "if it is meant to be it is up to me" applied. It seemed then that LIFE had no say in the game and we as humans were the only players in the outcomes of life. As we have exponentialy evolved in the last fews years we have gone past mere human beings affecting life and our outcomes. Another player is in the game. I call it Life. Now, to understand what I mean, perheps you might need a refresher on The Law of Attraction. Here is an article I wrote a few years ago on it, explaining it simply and easily

"Have you ever wondered why your life turns out the way it does? Is it because your fate was determined before you were born….. or even some magical wand that was waved over you when you were 4 and playing in the sand pit……or even that nasty teacher that made you do homework……he must have put a "homework” curse on you……no it was your mother…….you inherited her genes, and so you are so like her and so your life will be just like hers. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrh!

Well I can safely say that all of the above are probably not true…… but hey I wouldn’t mind a fairy waving a magic wand over me in sad pit… long as I liked the outcome. So what determines our outcomes then? How do some things just seem to happen so easily and others are a struggle…….and even happen in reoccurring themes……never have enough money…….no love life despite your greatest efforts……and even the opposite and it just comes in droves. Sometimes there just seems to be no logical explanation for how things work out…..ahh the mystery.

Well the answer is in The Law of Attraction. You attract what you focus on. Your thoughts have energy and they go out and find the same energy…….Like Attracts Like. Now, to understand what you have just read, you will need to understand that everything is energy. All matter, whether it be a hard material, gas, liquid, thought, anything…, all made up of energy. The only difference is its density and frequency…….that’s what the basis of Quantum Physics is …… Quantum what?? Yep……that is what Albert Einstein started us thinking about in the general population. It is an absolutely bonafiable law of physics that matter will seek out a similar matter. So how does that apply to you and your life? Well….your thoughts determine what you attract into your life simply by the energy of the thought following the law, without judgement or agenda, to find and thus attract a similar energy. So if you think the world is sad and lonely, then very faithfully you attract sad and lonely to your life just because you believe it……thus re-affiming and increasing your original thought. And if you truly believe the world is abundant in money then you will attract an abundance of money.

Is it that simple…..yes! So… want a gorgeous scrummy partner in your life but keep attracting the opposite (or nothing at all)…… then check out what you truly believe will happen and what you focus you attention…….your energy on! Do you worry and dwell on not having a partner? Then you will get more of the same….no partner. Ok. You can change all that and start creating some outcomes that are exactly what you really want……that gorgeous scrummy partner perhaps?" that you know what The Law of Attraction is, I am here to state that LIFE is a force bigger than the minds of humans. LIFE might not want you to have what you as a individual human wants. There may be a greater possible outcome for you AND Life if it takes another path.
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Robyn Searle