I have come across a few books that I feel are useful for your journey. Some are links that direct you straight to the authors page, but most I have a very limited supply to sell direct. Enjoy your browsing.


Speak With Power and Grace-
A Woman's Guide to Public Speaking
(Linda D Swink) 

Public speaking can be a terrifying prospect for anyone, but for women it can be particularly painful. Whether giving a departmental presentation or a graduation address, women have often found themselves frightened and unprepared for the speech, despite a firm knowledge of their subject. Speak with Power and Grace covers all aspects of speech giving and will empower any woman who wants her words to be taken seriously.

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The Emotional Revolution-
How the New Science of Feelings Can Transform Your Life
(Norman E Rosenthal, MD)  Hardcover

By Holly Giesen (Bethesda, Maryland United States) 

I cannot say enough about "The Emotional Revolution"! Dr. Norman Rosenthal has compiled an astonishing amount of cutting edge clinical research and history, combined this information with his clinical expertise, and morphed it into a comprehensible book loaded with astute insights and practical advice you can use every day. One of the more remarkable elements of his writing is his ability to synthesize massive amounts of highly technical brain research into easily understandable text, so you really KNOW what's going on with your brain when you are sad, happy, relaxed, or angry. He then uses examples, vignettes and very specific behavioral guidelines to show you what simple steps you can take to lead a happier, healthier life. Dr. Rosenthal's brilliant, seamless, sensitive, writing will educate, fascinate, and benefit all who are fortunate to read it. Five stars, with gusto!

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Awakening Your Goddess-
A Practical Guide to Discovering a Woman's Power, a Woman's Glory
(Liz Simpson)

Goddess archetypes have existed for thousands of years as sources of feminine power. Awakening Your Goddess helps today's women draw inspiration from goddesses of many cultures as a means to self-fulfillment. The author points out how every woman's life is influenced by various goddess archetypes, then advises on how to create a balance among them to achieve personal wholeness. There are three archetypes. First is the Maiden, as embodied in such goddesses as Artemis, Persephone, and Athena, among others. Maiden behavior patterns appear in mother-daughter, father-daughter, and sister-sister relationships. Second is the Mother, with examples including Isis and Hera. Mother behavior patterns include the drive to bear children and to become a home-maker and a significant other. Third is Wise Woman, personified by Kali, Cailleach, Hecate, and others. The Wise Woman is goddess as achiever. She is competent and equal to men. She inspires the independent woman who does not have to submerge her own personality in favor of others. An important chapter titled "Intergration and Maintenance" tells women how to use and balance the qualities of different goddess archetypes, and how each archetype tends to dominate different times in the life of most women. Integrating them in her own being is a woman's way to create herself as a fulfilled person. Each chapter contains meditation exercises, self-help questions, and other features to help each reader empower her own being. Full-color illustrations throughout.

About the Author
Liz Simpson is a best-selling author of self-help books, life coach, and workshop facilitator specializing in personal and spiritual development. She writes regularly for leading national and international magazines and newspapers, and has produced and presented a wide variety of television and radio programs.

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Listening To Your Soul-
The Way To Harmony, Health & happiness
(Dick Wilson)

At times many os us experience at a very deep level, a conflict between our self and our soul. tHis lack of harmony between our spiritual purpose and the material life we lead could be one of the main causes of chronic illness.


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Pilgrim Heart-
The Inner Journey Home 
(Sarah York)  Hardcover

Pilgrimage is not just about leaving ordinary life," writes author Sarah York in Pilgrim Heart: The Inner Journey Home. "It is much more, a process that involves stages of moving from ordinary space in sacred space and then back into ordinary space, from structure to non-structure then back to structure." Herein lies the strength of York's book, which doesn't simply exalt the transformative highlights of a pilgrim journey. Instead, it emphasizes the importance of conscious leave-taking and integration upon return--showing how they equal, if not exceed, the significance of the insights gleaned while on the journey.
In the opening chapters, York shows readers how to recognize the stirrings for a pilgrimage, which, ironically, are often spurred by a search for a true home. She then gives examples of different kinds of pilgrimages, including stories of her own, to demonstrate the common threads. Whatever the destination, York advises pilgrims to seek the wilderness, "whether we enter the wilderness of our hearts and minds, a wilderness in the world's dark mysteries, or the majestic wilderness of nature." It is after all, "the place where we meet ourselves," according to York. "The irony is that we meet our familiar self in the unfamiliar."

Her strongest suit is guiding readers through the re-entry--a tough and sometimes shocking phase of pilgrimage. Without scooping her closure, suffice it to say that she teaches the art of spiritual self-reliance; finding the home within the self instead of lamenting the physical home one returns to. Readers may find York's whimsical writing style too tangential for their liking. This is not a pat, how-to book. Expect a woman's thought-provoking musings on a theme, within a loosely bound narrative. --Gail Hudson

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Meditations For Tranquillity-
A Practical Guide To Spiritual First Aid
(Suzanne Marbrook)

An experienced practitioner of holistic therapies offers 25 simple and proven meditation treatments, based on her own successful and popular classes. Grouped into Energy, Cellular, Cosmic, and Galactic categories, they enable concentration on pulse, harmony, fusion, perspicacity, wholeness, perfection, benevolence, and infinity and eternity. Brilliantly colorful paintings--all by the author herself--complement each topic; wonderfully fiery reds, rich purples, deep yellows, and soft blues serve as a visual key and companion to the meditations, guiding you to the correct mood and mindset for your spiritual work. Visualization exercises, affirmations, and instruction on the chakras, plus additional diagrams and line drawings, further enhance meditation's beneficial effects. It's the book you must pick up during any crisis...or to prevent one!

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The Book of the Sharman-
Walk the Ancient Path of the Sharman & Find Inner Peace
(Nicholas Wood)  Hardcover

Explore the world of the sharman and discover powers that have existed for thousands of years.
Use the ancient ways of the sharman to bring greater sense of connection with all living things

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Feeling at Home-
Defining Who You Are and How You Want to Live
(Alexandra Stoddard)  Hardcover

Stoddard (Open Your Eyes) is a well-known interior designer, but her books mine a territory that's closer to self-help than color schemes. Her latest volume urges readers to look at themselves and their homes with a new consciousness. Through a text liberally laced with both personal anecdote and queries (from "How well are you getting along with your spouse?" to "How much time do you spend eating?"), Stoddard guides readers through a process of self-exploration, then encourages them to reshape not only their houses but the way they spend time there. What she calls emotional comforts, such as order and color, are enhanced along the way, while unrewarding chores, spaces or possessions are pared down. The result, she convincingly affirms, is a more delightful, less demanding life. Stoddard has a genuine gift for thinking creatively about interior spaces; too often, though, she returns to themes well covered in past booksAher own and others'Aor collapses into vague silliness ("If in the past you found no satisfaction in emptying the garbage, transcend the garbage pail, rise above it"). However, the book bubbles with an infectious appreciation of even the smallest domestic pleasure and an inspiring awareness of the spiritual and emotional life of a house. (Oct.)
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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Sacred Spaces-
Restoring Harmony
(Karen Downes)

We are living in a world driven by speed, change and immediacy. More of us is demanded than ever before- there is never enough time. We live closer geographically in our urban living, yet we feel more disconnected. When we pause to create peaceful sanctuaries in our busy lives, where spirituality and day to day reality blend effortlessly in harmony and balance, we are creating truly sacred spaces. As we celebrate the events of our lives with our family and friends, our hearts are touched and we are reminded of what matters most. This book helps us to recognise the deep need for environments that honour and nurture us, for relationships that nourish us. This is a guide to help you create sacred spaces in your life that uplift, inspire and encourage us to celebrate life. (Karen Downes)

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Five Minute Healer-
A Busy Person's Guide to Vitality & Energy All Day, Every Day
(Jane Alexander)

Structured around a working day, this book hows how simple, but highly effective techniques from all the major complementary therapies can help boost, maintain and wind down your energy. It also offers advice on healing common physical and psychological complaints.

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The Celestine Prophecy-
A Pocket Guide to the Nine Insights-
(James Redfield)  Hardcover

Now readers can carry the spiritual wonder of the New York Times bestselling The Celestine Prophecy with them and reflect upon the philosophies of James Redfield whenever and wherever they like. This beautifully designed pocket-sized guide provides detailed explorations of the nine insights, which are the essence of this incredibly successful spiritual classic which has been published in 32 countries. (Hardcover is Blue).

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Harmony Angel Cards

The idea of reading cards to give guidance on the future is not new. Many, such as the tarot, go back hundreds or even thousands of years and are believed not only to tell fortunes, but also hold ancient secrets.

Harmony Angel Cards also contain much old wisdom. They are designed with the help of angels to help you heal and can be especially powerful when used in conjunction with A Harmony of Angels, also by Angela McGerr. Together, they set out to create synergy between you and the angels who are seeking to help you.

Covered in indigo silk colours, The Harmony Angel Cards beautiful boxed set holds a deck of 48 cards featuring enchanting, full-color illustrations by Richard Rockwood and an instruction book. The book describes the overall meaning of the four suits and the inherent meaning of each card, as well as several different ways of laying them out with sample interpretations. The set offers a fun and effective way for angel enthusiasts to incorporate a little angel healing into their lives

Slight colour fade to some of the perfect

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Robyn Searle