About Robyn

Robyn is a visionary coach, trainer and speaker, moving individuals, organisations and communities into their next most amazing level, allowing them to be who they really are, know what they are here for and create that existence powerfully.

Robyn has a gift to be able to instantly see potential. This potential may be in any area from the individual to a company and beyond. From this moment on, the space in which Robyn dances with the client is a powerful and electric stage from which to live life.

Robyn's public speaking skills are unique and heartfelt in that she connects with individuals on a deep, soulful level. This depth of connection allows individuals to experience their greatness, often for the first time.

Originally, Robyn's career was as a paediatric nurse, where she quickly realised that her passion was to provide her clients excellent service and the "whole picture'.

Naturally, her next step was a degree in Health Promotion. This step took her to a powerful stage of corporate health consulting. Whist an incredibly valuable experience with amazing results, there was another level of potential yet to be evoked within her.

This realisation led to the development of her first business, "The Mind Body Soul Connection", where she practised a holistic perspective to health. One of her main highlights was the production and hosting of her own television program on Western Australia's Channel 31, called "Health Chat".

Constantly evolving herself, Robyn's journey progressed to a desire to empower others to live their dreams. So, she completed Coach Training in 2002 and became a Personal and Business Coach.

The wave Robyn is riding is always evolving. Since then she has continued to gain advanced skills in Evolutionary Coaching and Leadership, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neurological Repatterning, and Hypnosis from the masters all over the globe from USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Her passion is evoking potential, celebrating emotion and moving away from our focus on issues and problems. After all, you create what you focus on.

And yet, Robyn is by no means defined solely as a coach. More aptly put, she is a visionary. She sees potential in all and then eloquently coaches that into being with her client, always seeing them as amazing beings with so much contribution to make. That approach sets her apart and achieves amazing results with all who utilise her services.

Robyn found she was moving people on such a deep level that she created a space for the implementation of products and other services that complement and support the evolutionary journey.

So, together with powerful insightful coaching, and supportive backup products and services, Robyn provides a unique evolutionary style of coaching in both the personal and business arena.

In February 2005, she answered a strong calling to move from Perth, Western Australia to Queensland on the east coast of Australia. It is there that she is beginning to share her evolutionary style of coaching others to excellence, in a new way ...easier and more powerful with less struggle and definitely more simplicity and more instantaneous results. The focus is always on potential.

It is Robyn's wish that through her own journey and commitment to others that she inspires people to live their lives from their infinite source of magnificence, giving rise to amazing beings and a brand new world where greatness and potential is always realised.

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Robyn Searle